New Website Launching!!

Welcome to our brand spanking new website. It will have everything from our menu, to the latest deals to whats going on in Apotheca. You’ll find pictures of only the best most inventive pizzas in Manchester from insta feed. The monthly specials will be there to tempt you back week in week out.

It sometimes happens, that my head strongly hurts. Neither aspirin, nor citramon help. Then I take Tramadol, it helps a lot, relieves headache in just half an hour. After taking the drug I have a general improvement in health, malaise disappears. A couple of times I tried to take the drug in the morning – it also helps very well. I advise it to everyone to treat headache.

Along with a brand-new website we have launched a brand-new menu. All the old classics with a couple of new surprises. The chef’s here at Dough have worked day and night to craft & perfect our delicious and extensive new menu. Download the PDF to view!