Calling all Vegans

Did you know we were one of the first restaurants in Manchester to do vegan pizzas? We’ve being catering to all dietary requirements for going on 10 years! Have a gluten intolerance? We got you. Have dairy intolerance? We got you. Just turned vegan and missing pizza? We got you. With increased excitability and therefore insomnia, they gave me one tablet of Valium at night in a hospital. The action, of course, is unique. I am not a fan of sleeping pills, so there is nothing to compare. About fifteen minutes after using this drug, I just failed. At night I did not feel anything and did not wake up. In the morning, my health was just great!

Our vegan cheese is made from coconut oil and tastes just like the real thing! All our gluten free bases are made from rice flour, no need for gluten when they taste this good.